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Greener travel. Greater tech. Sleeker design. Unrestrained mobility. Hello Freedom.

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Easier and more accessible transportation

Our simple mission for the future of e-Mobility, lead the industry, lead the responsibility. We’re committed to driving emission-free eMobility across the globe, for a greener future.

A new generation of premium electric micro-mobility vehicles.

Designed and built by the World's largest manufacturer of premium light electric vehicles.

A Smarter Way to Move

Combining performance, comfort and safety.

  • The quickest way to get around the City

    The 3100W motor gives you plenty of power to dart through traffic with 45 km/h. Non-stop torque that turns hills into shortcuts.

  • Driving without noise and emissions

    Experience this new form of mobility without annoying noise and emissions, but with endless fun. 

  • Save real money

    Mobility does not need to be expensive. Benefit from electricity costs of less than 1€ for 100 km, very low maintenance and insurance costs, and no taxes. 

  • A new level of comfort

    Swap out the G5’s integrated, ultra-light 60V 32Ah Panasonic battery with your master key, charge anywhere and benefit from a range of 55 kilometers. 

7 Inch LCD Speedometer

Always have the perfect overview, thanks to automatically adjusted brightness and handy icons,

Swappable Panasonic Battery

Travel up to 65km with a 60V32Ah rechargeable, swappable battery.

Spacious Storage Capacity

Enjoy a combination of a comfortable seat for two, with a large trunk underneath to conveniently store your belongings while on the go.

Experience Our Products

Delivered to your doorstep. Ready to ride! Our Premium Stores will take care of your registration & insurance.

Enjoy up to 10% Summer 2020 Offer from selected Premium Stores.

Private Lease

Ride hassle free with a private lease plan from €79 a month.

Business Lease

Flexible packages for company leases with an additional 5% for group leases.

Powerful Electric Motor

Enjoy up to 45km/h on city streets. Our electric drive systems offer you a smooth riding experience with zero emissions and no noise.


The ideal city vehicle

Convenient, affordable & environmentally friendly

The quickest and easiest way to get around

The quick acceleration brings you quickly to where you want to go. There you then don't have to worry about finding parking space anymore since your YADEA fits pretty much everywhere. Of course, parking is free. 

Driving without noise and emissions

Our electric mopeds enable you to protect the environment while being more mobile than ever before. And by the way: No one will ever complain about your noisy and stinky combustion engine again. 

Drive for about 1€ per 100 km

While most types of transport become more expensive every year, you can now save real money. While the electricity for driving 100 km costs about 1 Euro, costs for maintenance and insurance are lower than for comparable combustion engine mopeds as well. And have we mentioned that you don't have to pay any anual taxes? 

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